About the County Board

The Champaign County Board is the primary governing body for Champaign County. It allocates tax revenues and manages public services, working together with municipal governments. 

The biggest responsibility of the Board is writing the budget, which allocates approximately $130 million of expenditures per year - about $625 per resident of Champaign County. This money funds, among other things:

  • Health and community services, like housing assistance, mental health programs, animal control, and early childhood education
  • Justice and public safety, including courts, the Sheriff's office, and the County Jail
  • Public works, such as bridge and highway maintenance and some public facilities

Champaign County is organized into 11 districts, each of which contains approximately 20,000 residents and has two county board members elected to staggered four year terms. District 9 contains a large portion of West Urbana, portions of the University campus and Southeast Champaign, and most of Savoy.